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All {dogs|pups} {need|require} {regular|routine} grooming {regardless|no matter} if they're the shortest of short hair breeds, have a wirehair coat, or long, {silky|sleek|luxurious} layers. Come visit us at Petropolis in New York, NY for all of your {dog|pup} grooming needs. You'll {find|discover} shampoos, brushes, coat conditioners, and more on our {shelves|displays|counters} that are {formulated|developed|created|made|designed} to keep your dog's {coat|fur} and skin looking {shiny|bright}, clean, and healthy. {Not sure|Uncertain|Unsure|Not exactly sure|On the fence} which {product|solution} is right for your {pup|dog}? {Give us a call|Give us a ring} and our {expert|professional|experienced|qualified} {staff|team} can {walk|guide} you through the {various|numerous|several} {options|choices|selections} that are available, which ones are the best for your {dog|pup}'s {breed|kind} or hair coat, and the {results|benefits} they produce. 

The Importance of {Choosing|Selecting|Picking|Finding} the {Right|Best|Proper} Shampoo for Your {Dog|Pup}:

You {might be|may be|could be} {tempted|lured|enticed} to use human-grade shampoo on your dog for the sake of convenience. The {problem|issue|challenge} is, human-grade shampoo isn't {formulated|developed|created|made|designed} for use on anything other than your scalp and hair. Dogs have {unique|distinct|special} hair and skin needs that {require|call for} shampoos and conditioners with {specific|particular|certain|distinct} formulations such as dry skin relief, insect-repelling properties, {or even|or perhaps|or maybe} dry coat {cleaners|cleansers} for the times when you can't give your dog {a full|a complete} bath.

{Consider|Think about|Take into consideration|Think of} the idea that your {dog|pup} is ikely to roll in the garbage, {pick up|get} fleas or ticks, or get dry, {itchy|scratchy} {patches|spots}, and it {quickly|soon} becomes {apparent|obvious|evident} why you {need|really need|should have|need to have} coat products that are {designed|developed|created|made|manufactured} to {tackle|deal with|take on|address|handle} these {issues|problems|challenges}. Human-grade shampoo won't {contain|include|consist of|have} the {correct|appropriate|proper} {ingredients|components} to de-scent, {heal|treat|repair} dryness, or {eliminate|get rid of|deal with} unwanted hitchhikers. At Petropolis, we {stock|offer} a {range of|variety of} dog grooming {supplies|products} that {meet|satisfy} your needs to keep your dog smelling {nice|great} and looking {good|great|fantastic}.

Dog coats come in {a variety|a range|an array} of textures with hair follicles {ranging|varying|differing} from pin straight to tight curls. Therefore, it's {important|very important|vital|crucial} to use the {right|appropriate} brushes and combs for your dog's coat. {Some|Several|Many} dogs grow {dense|thick|compact} undercoats while others have {almost|practically|nearly|virtually} no undercoat {at all|whatsoever}. All coats {require|need} the {right|best|correct} {type of|kind of} brush to {minimize|reduce|decrease} pulling out healthy hair and {prevent|avoid|stop} skin {damage|injury}. Your dog may {enjoy|take pleasure in|appreciate} a good scratching with the brush, or they may be thin-skinned and {require|need} the lightest of touches. If you're {not sure|uncertain|unsure|not exactly sure} of what types of brushes are best for the job, don't hesitate to ask our {experts|professionals} at Petropolis in New York. {Stop in|Drop in} or give us a call at (212) 608-2234 to discuss the {type of|kind of} coat and {particular|specific|certain} issues your dog has. We'll show you what brushes and combs are {the best|the very best|the most effective} for your dog.

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