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Our Dedication To Pet Health

Petropolis is not your typical pet store; it is an oasis of information purveyed by a team of knowledgeable animal-lovers who guide their clients toward carefully curated food, supplements and supplies that help facilitate their animal’s best overall nutritional and emotional health.

The store was founded on the belief that there should be a single place where pet owners can receive well-informed, up to date information about how best to nourish their animals via a biologically appropriate diet thus paving the way for a life of optimum wellness and joy.

Petropolis is filled with a large collection of skillfully researched, exceptional foods- both raw and cooked, and even carry a handful of more commonly known brands so that they may aid in transitioning animals from said brands to a more nutritionally satisfying diet.

Their vast selection of supplements is carefully utilized not to compensate for a poor diet but rather to literally “supplement” an already complete one; to help if an animal is unwell and on prescribed medications or to make home-cooked meals complete and balanced.

For nearly a dozen years, Petropolis has been a staple of Manhattan's Financial District community, though loyal, informed pet-owners come from all over. It is a marvelous thing indeed to witness, over time, a pets' incredible journey to good health based on the store's mission of education and biologically appropriate feeding.

Clients do not leave Petropolis with a simple bag of supplies; they leave armed with information that will increase exponentially the overall joy and health of their animals.


Come visit our pet supply store in New York, NY specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.